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 August 2009

My Dad suffered a major heartattack and actually died in the Ambulance but was brought back to life. The next 6 weeks were a roller coaster for him, our family and me. I have always been very close to my Dad, he was a huge factor in my life, my Career too, he loved what I do and was always interested and followed my every move with the psychic stuff, probably because the "Gift" came from him I later found out.

D and I became his Chauffeur and took him to all his Dr and Hospital appointments which we enjoyed and so did Dad as he ended up in a wheelchair a few months before for another condition so mum found it difficult to take him, plus we always got him McDonalds on the way home, a real treat and he loved it.

I am cutting this very short as I am almost finished my Biography which contains the full story.

Basically I had an arguement with Dad in late September, we both said words that were upsetting to eachother, he used to call me every night without fail, even when he was in Hospital. 2 nights had passed since the arguement and no phone call, on the 3rd night I had this horrible nagging gutt feeling to ring him, I didn't listen to it. The very next day, Thursday Oct 1st 2009 I got a call from my brother early in the morning that Dad had had another major heartattack and was in the Hospital, I quickly got dressed and got D to drive me in, on the way which was a 25 minute drive, about 10 minutes away from the Hospital I got an over whelming feeling of peace, I felt like I was being lifted up out of the car seat, I looked down at my Mobile in my hand and the time flashed 10.01 am =11, I knew something had happened but I still begged Dad to hang on.

Hang on Dad I kept saying over and over, 5 minutes away from the Hospital my brother rang me again. Dad has gone Donna, my Dad had passed away, I never got to say "goodbye nor sorry" so now I continue to live with the pain and guilt since he passed, I am now going through what so many of my clients do, what you seek me out to repair. This was 4 days before my 41st Birthday. My sister Kerrie didn't make it on time either but she got to sit with him and hold his hand after he had gone, I couldn't as I was too distraught in the car.

I don't know why it happened this way, even I do not have the answers to that. I feel Dad with me and I know he wants me to continue this work and my abilities will become stronger as I can feel him pushing me but more so in the Medium department, as hard as this is for me, going through this loss, my Dad was my best mate, I will continue on this path as it is what he wants me to do.

Bless you all, Donna and my Dad, my biggest fan, I love you Daddy'O

Dad's favorite song Green Green Grass of Home by Charlie Pride was played at his Funeral at the start and Bette Midlers The Rose as he departed.

He was laid to rest "beneath" a solitary Gum Tree in his Country/Home town of Meredith.

Two Brothers reunited Uncle Stanley and Dad now both by my side in Spirit!

Both were 71 when they passed.

Both have the numeral 11 in their passing

Uncle Stanley 11/November=11/11

Dad 1/10/2009- 1+10=11-2+9=11,  11/11

~*~ Gone Fishing ~*~

Me, my big sister Kerrie and Dad at my 40th 5-10-2008