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I had a reading from donna around 12 months ago, and i was in tears on the phone to her. I have never in my life had a reading so accurate. she was spot on about everything xoxoxo Kylie,

your reading gave me so much comfort.. i went along as a sceptic but really tried to have an open mind.. everything was right on... and even when i took away bits of information that i thought could have possibly been gained through media etc.. there was still so much that blew me away... I could validate nearly everything and the one thing that I couldn't, came to me like a bolt of lightening on the way home.. a realization so powerful that I KNOW she was right there. Thank-you so much

During your reading you demonstrated an action that I did when talking to her.. you even said the Same words that went with it..... I don't think you even knew that you were doing it or if you did didn't realise why you were saying it the way you were. It was a special way of communicating that was ours alone... but yet the way it was slipped into the reading was very subtle and didnt hit me straight away. Im rambeling on I know.. but it makes perfect sense to me... such a powerful experience xx Kristy

The first morning I spoke to Donna, I was slouching on the couch holding the phone to my ear. As soon as she began speaking, she made me sit up and listen. She knew right away things that I hadn't told anybody, and she picked my situation perfectly. The first thing she said was how much heart break I was feeling as she told me she could feel her chest was hurting. Donna's way of coming across is unique and calming. She can tell not only what is happening, but the emotions that accompany it. She has picked small things that have been a standout in convincing me that what she does is very real and she has a magnificent gift. I trust entirely in what Donna has to say as even little things have been happening one after the other, including a white and brown rescue dog, and the figurine I bought myself. This was all foreseen by Donna. Her readings have given me so much calm and hope in a very hard time. I have paid hundreds of dollars to speak to a famous psychic and gotten none of the absolute fact that Donna shares. Thank you so much, Donna for being there, and for sharing your amazing gift.
Megan from Western Australia

In November I had a phone reading with Donna.

I was at a cross roads and did not know where my life was heading or what decision I needed to make with regards to my family/marriage etc...
Out of desperation I googled "psychic readings", thankfully Donnas name caught my eye.The reading was booked for the following day, I was not expecting a great deal, but hoping for it, and she DID deliver!
With NO information from me within the first minute of the reading Donna touched on things that where troubling me, clarified some decisions I needed to make and delivered some messages from people passed on.
What Donna spoke of was of knowledge to me and me only, my deepest worries and losses, she has a truly amazing gift that cannot be disputed.
The reading meant the world to me in 15 minutes Donna shed light on months of worry and anguish, enabling me to move forward, which I have done!
I cannot recommend her highly enough, if you are here on her site you are looking for something, some answers, but like most of us, we can be sceptical, please call her, she is truly gifted.
I thank you Donna your amazing !!!

Regards Sharyn Smith

Donna, i hope so much you dont mind if I ask you this, but I am at my wits end. My 19 year old daughter is in Barcelona at the moment, yesterday she lost her passport and cards. We are so worried and she is so stressed.
I know I am asking a lot, if you think it may turn up? Please dont feel obligated to answer me back, just asking out of desperation!

Thank you A

hi A,
was she on a train, bus or something at the time? if so she needs to contact all the offices etc, I do feel they will be handed in and I get overnight. I hope that helps you XX
thank you so much Donna. It was left on a train and not stolen. so am holding out a little bit of hope. thank you so much again, sorry for troubling you and hope you feel better :)
Donna I am so excited I got a call from E last night at 3.20am and the passport wallet and everything had been found and handed in and is on its way back to her right now!
You are truly amazing Donna! thank you so much :) :) :)

I wanted to get on facebook and tell you at 3.30 in the morning!

We are so so happy!!! Thank you !!

Hi donna,
My name is Veronica i am seeking your help! on the 10/11/ my cat Heidi went missing we let him outside around 6.30pm which we have done many other times we saw him jump the fence we thought he would come home after a couple of hours like he usually does but he never did. I love animals so much i have another cat at a dog at home and i'm really not coping well with Heidi missing, our other animals miss him too they have been very quiet and just sleep usually they would all play together and were really happy, i cant stop thinking about whats happened to him. I am continuosly going to animal shelters and pounds with hope that i would find him. i have done door knocks around the neighbourhood, mailbox drops with flyers contacted vets and my local council. I really hope you can help me;

I have attached a photo of Heidi for you.
I hope to hear from you soon

hi Veronica,

I feel that Heidi may be injured but appears to be under a house or something that it raised where it is dark and cool. Are there other cats or dogs around your area as I feel a wound on him, possible leg. Keep calling him I am hearing and he will come out, awefully skinny, covered in cobwebs and smelly but alive, and I am getting the numeral 2 around this, it could be 2 weeks since he dissapeared or in 2 days.I hope that has helped and please keep me informed.

Blessings, Donna.

Dear Donna,
I would like to say Thankyou so much. Just after i recieved your email i went to look for heidi the first house i was near i called his name and heard a very stressed meow which sounded exactly like his coming from their garage. i went to this house originaly to ask if they had seen him but they had not, i had called his name so many times their but heard nothing. I was so happy i didn't know whether to cry i held him so tight i didnt want to let him go. I don't know if he was in the garage the whole time i dont know what happened to him this past week but i am so happy he is home so are our other animals their friend is back now. His is very skinny was dirty seems to have a bit of a sore leg and does smell, exactly what you said!. We are taking him to the vet tommorow for a checkup. You are a very nice person Thankyou so much the whole time he was missing i had a feeling he was close by. And your email gave me a feeling that i knew i would find him today!

Thankyou again!

Veronica found Heidi within 2 hours of reading my email, he was missing for 10 days.

After being a little sceptical about a phone reading i have to say it was the wonderful experience. Donna is very receptive and empathic and allows you to choose the direction of the reading. She was incredibly insightful and picked up on a lot of points very very accurately. I can recommend a phone reading to anyone, for me it was a terrific experience. Donna was able to describe people in my life with unbelievable accuracy. Donna has amazing abilities and she is very honest with everything she says. I will definitely come back for another reading and will recommend her to my friends and family.

Thank you once again Donna, i appreciated my reading greatly and have really gained so much from it. I will be back!!!

Love and light

Donna did an hour reading for me and she was so spot on with the information she received for
me from spirit, I had never spoken to Donna before this and she new nothing of my life and my
family. I was blown away by how accurate she was and how the information related to me
and my children's lives. Donna is a lovely lady, honest, caring, kind and very understanding. I can not
recommend her highly enough to anyone, Donna is fantastic, have a reading done and see for


I found Donna on Ebay about 3 months ago and words cannot express what a God send she has been. Donna's abilities never stop amazing me!! I've been going through some difficult times in my life and she has been a rock for me. She has such a gift and she is so giving and eloquent with it. She reads everything so dead on and gives it across just like she is there! This is everytime, not just sometimes! I know it sounds so cliche, but she honestly does have " a window to your soul". I'm just so very glad not only have I found a psychic that is above and beyond, but a caring friend who has my best interest at heart. She is worth more money than any price on her page! Her readings are a gift and everyone should get one. Wish I had a direct line ;) I was also quite amazed at "how" Donna could describe me and things actually over the phone, without even seeing my face nor a photo.
Lots of Love
Debbie L. USA

My first reading with Donna was absolutely, she connected immediately with my mum who passed away three months ago. Donna revealed things that my mum said and done and these were only things that either I knew or my family knew about her as a person. She told me that my niece was pregnant and was trying for a while to have a baby and amazingly that same weekend we received the news that she was pregnant, after nearly three years trying. I cannot believe how accurate she was with everything that she mentioned about my parents, my daughter and my family. I must admit that I cried when Donna passed on all the information to me, it was so amazing and very exciting at the same time. I cannot express how wonderful this reading was and I will certainly be purchasing another one from her. This is an experience that everyone should have, and I know I will be again..... She is truly a beautiful and gifted person to talk to on the phone. Thank you Donna and I look forward to next time.

I have known Donna Abrahams for many years now and I have seen her psychic and medium abilities grow in leaps and bounds. She has always shown talent since the beginning of our meeting and now it is fascinating to see how much she has really learned about her abilities and the way she expresses each word to each individual. I have received readings from Donna and the have been exact and precise. Her inner knowledge of events and dates are remarkable considering the many psychics I have spoken with who cannot pin down such occurrences. I have recomended Donna to several family members and friends here in the United States . Each one who has spoken with her has told me how impressed and incredible they feel her readings are. I am very proud to know Donna and I am privilege to have found such a friend and psychic.

If you have any further questions concerning my information in regards to Donna, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you, Barbara J. Parker Golden Valley , AZ 86413

Donna is a fine person, and an outstandingly gifted medium, almost without compare. I cannot overstate her special abilities in mediumship, and would highly recommend her. She is naturally sensitive, really modest and unassuming, and I think of her as a friend now, as well as a phenomenal channeller between my son and myself.

I live in the UK , and suffered the shocking death of my son, when he was only nineteen years old, at Christmas 2004. Despite Donna living in Australia , I am sure that my son led me to her as a Medium/Psychic as he knew he could create such clear communication through her. She is not only able to call him up just by focusing, but she is also able to sense, hear and SEE him in his Spiritual state. She is a true clairsentient and clairvoyant with great sensitivity, and has never failed to bring him through: my son does have a very strong and loving spirit, and is an advanced soul.

Contact with Donna is invaluable to me, yet she is a very generous person with her time. She has shown herself to have a lovely nature and great empathy, and I can trust her absolutely. She has brought my son, tangibly so I can feel his presence, through the light to be with me. She was also able to produce a wonderful Spirit drawing of my son, along with a message from him, and he even visits her without her bidding, just appearing from time to time quite naturally! She has been very accurate about things that she could not possibly have had prior knowledge of, and when I speak with her, I know R 'comes over' with her, to be with me.

Despite being a first-class medium (and I have used many, so when I say Donna is outstanding, I know what I'm saying), she is very modest about her abilities, as she has had them since childhood, these are natural abilities, and she cannot see how 'special' she actually is. Donna is also very grounded and down-to-earth, which makes for easy communication. I trust her with R's spirit implicitly now: she has enabled us to remain in contact beyond his death, and she has been a real comfort and inspiration to me. I would not hesitate to recommend her: if you have lost a loved one on Earth, Donna can locate them on the other side and convey their messages, their ESSENCE, how they are feeling, what happened before passing over and anything else of relevance in a totally straightforward, yet deeply moving, way.

M the UK , England


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