Stanleigh Cat Sanctuary

Is a non profit self funded project set up by Donna and her Husband in memory of her Uncle Stanley who loved cats and would take in any unwanted, stray, abandoned and abused cats and give them a loving home. After he passed it was my promise to him to look after his beloved Sara, the Old Girl. She was 17 at the time and she sadly passed from Cancer 8 years later, but boy was she loved and spoilt too, she is now buried under his Pine tree, where his ashes were scattered.


Donna has always ever since a child loved animals, cats especially and would always bring home strays, they would just find her some how , but luckilly she was brought up in the Country and there was always room. This tradition has followed Donna into adult hood and even more so for the last 12 years, as Uncle Stanley left her a small piece of his land ( Stanleigh ) and many more animals/cats have found their way here and have never been turned away.

Darren ( Donna's husband ) loves them just as much and goes out of his way to ensure they are safe and secure, by building outdoor catteries for them fully equiped with plenty of play things, shelves and natural outdoor surroundings. They even have half the house now with their own queensize bed and a flap door to come in and out of the cattery at their leasure, spoiled much?

Donna and Darren lost their only child 20 years ago and sadly could not have any more, this devistated them as you could imagine but somehow they have found peace in adopting furry children instead and making them a huge part of their family.

As Stanleigh is self funded and no stray turned away, it only takes one to get sick and bang there is a $2,000 Vet bill which of course is a struggle on a limited wage/salary but we will always find a way to save a life.

You can help support Stanleigh by Donating anything you can, every $1 goes towards food, desexing, Cattery upgrades and medical costs as we have 6 cats at the moment who are over the age of 15, one is 24 and still going strong. Sadly we lost old Jericho, our Siamese who was 16 back in December 2015, he passed away peacefully in Donna and Darrens bed. Two weeks after Jericho passed Darren found a pure white kitten on the side of the road in the middle of no where, he was so tiny and had to be bottle raised, Gabriel is doing fine now and has fitted in quite well with the rest of the family and has been acepted and loved as a brother. The first pic is day 1, Gabriel in his heated pet bed, the second pic is 2 weeks later, you can see he is thrieving and has fitted in quite well!


 Every $1 goes to feeding, housing and Vetting these precious fur babies


Video's of Stanleigh and the Kittehs will be uploaded shortly for your veiwing but please scroll through some of the pics in the meantime. All pics are thumbnail size but can be made fullsize by clicking them. Enjoy!

Lots of Love and Blessings, Donna, Darren, Uncle Stanley and their precious Furbabies.






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