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Donna Abrahams 2009 Victorian Psychic of the Year


Donna Abrahams is a Psychic Medium who has the ability to see your past, present and future as well as the ability to speak to loved ones who have passed over ( Animals Included )  She is based in Inverleigh, Geelong, Victoria.

Tarot or "any" cards are not used by Donna as she sees your future in her Mind’s Eye, like a scene from a movie as well as speaks directly to the Spirit World, however, she does use Crystals for her Face to Face Readings and Colours for Phone Readings. Donna has been a full time Medium now for over 15 years.

If you are wanting to speak to a loved one who has passed Donna will be able to channel them as if they were right there with you.

Donna gets her information from her spirit guides in 3 ways – She is either told it, she is shown it or feels it, Donna is also a very strong Empath and can pick up emotions, illnesses etc.

Donna is very open and honest during psychic readings and passes on the information on exactly as she receives it.       The trance like state Donna goes into when she is conducting psychic readings means that she is never able to remember or recall what has been said. Donna can swear too, she will warn about this before you start your reading.

Her resume includes appearing in the TV series Haunted Australia 2007 ( currently airing on Foxtel, Aurora Channel 2014 ) , has worked on a few Murder/Missing persons cases, various live radio shows and has a weekly show on Geelong's Bayfm 93.9, has appeared in several Victorian newspapers, appearing in several national magazines, has published a Biography ( Journey of a Psychic Medium )  and has appeared on stage alongside UK’s Best Male Medium Derek Acorah on his Melbourne tour in 2010. Donna is also planning an Australian tour with UK's top female Medium and good friend, Miss TJ Higgs ( Psychic Private Eyes ) Donna has also worked behind on the scenes of a Paranormal based Movie which is in pre production and her dream is to do her very own TV Show, uncut and uncensored!

Donna has been performing Readings World wide now for over 15 years and has helped 1000's of people with Guidance as well as closure.                

By far her biggest achievement is being named 2009 Victorian Psychic of the Year.

It’s not just people Donna can communicate with, it’s your furry animal family as well.

Donna also teaches Psychic Awareness classes to help others who are starting to open up Spiritually, as well as performing "live" platform shows. Please check on the main screen Menu for sessions coming up.

If you have questions that need answering or if there is someone who has passed over that you are wanting to communicate with, then Donna will be able to help.

For all inquiries please email or text  0438 733 395  For face to face readings ( held of a weekend in Inverleigh $150 ) please just TEXT stating face to face and you will be booked in within 24 hours. For phone readings just log onto the reading section, purchase either a  15 or 30 minute phone reading and you will be emailed a time, mainly held of Thursday between 10am and 7pm and some Saturdays between 10am and 12.30pm..

If you would like to know more about Donna and her Psychic/Medium journey so far, then why not purchase her first Biography on PDF emailed to you for $9. Paperback is also available for $25.50 which includes shipping costs ( AUS ) only. It contains all the signs/symptoms she experienced while starting to "open" up as well as lots of Spiritual symptoms too.

PDF $9.00 


 Paperback $25.50 ( OUT OF STOCK )



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